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These are some of the services that we offer. Call us today for a free quote at: 971-727-0069
Lawn Maintenance

The Northwest is a beautiful place to live and work, and we like to think we have a hand in that. Red Maple Landscaping is lawn care for the modern era. We make it easy to book, schedule, and pay for great lawn service. Our technicians have years of experience caring for yards across the Portland Metro Area, and they are familiar with all the grasses, pests and seasonal challenges specific to this region. We think we're a great choice when it comes to your lawn, and we're willing to prove it. That's why we offer a full satisfaction guarantee. If something isn't done right, your lawn tech will be happy to come back and fix it -- free of charge.
Let us show your lawn the love it deserves. Give us a ring to get a quick free estimate at 971-727-0069.
Sprinkler Repair

What is a sprinkler system? To the layperson, a sprinkler system is a man-made rainfall substitute. Using pipes and pumped water, sprinklers shoot water straight into the air to fall on the plants. It looks just like the rain falling – with a twist. Because automatic sprinkler systems are controlled by humans, not Mother Nature, they can deliver the right amount of water at the right time, supplementing natural rain. The right sprinkler system can take the burden of watering your lawn right off your shoulders and Red Maple Landscaping can help you repair and maintain such sprinkler system all year round. Call us to get a quick free estimate at 971-727-0069.
Fence Repair

A severe storm has passed and your fence now has missing boards? An animal damaged your fencing or you just need a new, custom one? In these and many other cases, Red Maple Landscaping is the company you should call for help. We are based in Tigard, Oregon and have been serving the members of the local community with pride and commitment since 2009. No matter how and why your fence got damaged and how serious the situation is, we can come to your aid. We are fence repair professionals with extensive experience in the industry who are able to fix different fence types. Our crew is not only experienced, well-trained, and skilled, but also equipped with professional-grade tools. We pay great attention to detail and always meet deadlines.
Hardscape Maintenance and Repair

Winter weather can exacerbate hardscape issues. Water, in the wrong place, can freeze and thaw in a cycle that creates movement leading to problems with materials above and below the surface. This motion can cause settling of improperly installed base materials leaving sunken pavers or concrete walkways separated from front landings. Any opportunity water has to infiltrate in the potential wrong place within your hardscape, it will. Signs of trouble are typically easy to spot, but it’s a good idea to start looking for problem areas before the spring rains arrive. Red Maple Landscaping can help you repair and maintain your hardscape needs so you can keep your landscape looking its best.

Does your home look a little shabby around this time of year? Could your property benefit from a good fall cleaning? Call Red Maple Landscaping for a clean-up! Our landscaping and lawn care services are designed to provide the care and attention your property needs with none of the hassle. We’re proud of our commitment to our clients. Join countless other families around the Portland Metro Area in trusting Red Maple Landscaping with your residential property maintenance needs. What does a fall cleaning from Red Maple Landscaping includes? Raking up leaves and composting them • Updating Seasonal flowers • Weed Control • Mulching with leaves • grass clippings • Fertilizer Applications • Pruning • Cleaning up branches & lawn debris • Cutting the grass.
Lighting Repair

Getting your lighting system to turn on and stay on are two different things. If you are having trouble with your lights, or If your system has given you to ensure you have a worry free system.

Let Us Take A Look. We’re happy to stop over and take a look at your troubled system to figure out what’s wrong. We charge a $75 fee — which can be applied toward the cost to repair your landscape lighting — if that’s the best option, or install a new, top-quality system. We’ll be honest, and tell you if it’s worth the effort to repair, or if we’d just be putting on band-aids.
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